About Us

About Us

Hasse Cave Konak is an Ottoman mansion from the 1830s, consisting of 5 rocks, 2 mansions and 2 arched rooms.

In the mansion section, decorated with simplicity in mind, we have frescoed dining rooms and two relaxation rooms, one of which has a terrace where you can enjoy the sunset with a view of Ürgüp.

Cave rooms; It is decorated with handmade rock beds, bedside tables, antique cabinets, hand-carved headboards and accessories and fully reflects the characteristics of the local culture.

Access to the mansion and the cave section is provided from our balcony decorated with historical wood and groves. There are also two restaurant terraces with an insatiable view of Cappadocia.


Hasse Cave Konak is carved into the rocks on the southern slopes of the region known as the Historical Kadı Castle. Our hotel is an Ottoman Mansion from the Tanzimat period with 9 rooms consisting of 5 rocks. In the 1800s, the owner of the mansion was Munise Hanım, the wife of Ürgüplü Mustafa Hayri Efendi, one of the last Sheikh-al-Islams of the Ottoman Empire.